Thursday, August 15, 2013

12 of 12 August 2013

This is my first 12 of 12 post. I heard about 12 of 12 from my friend Snuva, who has been doing it for several years. 

Basically what you do is on the 12th day of each month you take 12 photos of your day.

Snuva says, "Sometimes the 12th falls on a special day; sometimes the 12th falls on just a normal day you wouldn't otherwise document.  However, even ‘just a normal’ day can be interesting to other people or to yourself later on."

It’s like a snapshot of your life, but much simpler than the 365 Project I did in 2011 because you only do it on one day.

And that’s it.


Sort of. I kind of forgot to take any photos in the middle of the day, so there was much cramming to be done towards the end of the day.

Monday the 12th of August was a pretty normal day for me. Catch the bus, take Juniordwarf to school, go to work, follow Juniordwarf's routine on the way back to the bus, come home, and that's about it.

I've been trying out some of the new "Hollywood" filters on the Camera+ app. They looked good on the phone, but I'm not so sure now I see the pictures a bit bigger. It will be interesting to see how they print.

Anyway, here we go . . .

1 of 12 – This person hasn’t had enough sleep and needs coffee.

2 of 12 – This tree still thinks it’s winter (it is).


3 of 12 – I love the contrast between the leafless trees and the blossoms just starting to show up all over the place.


4 of 12 – I decided not to post this one because work-related.

5 of 12 – A streetscape that won’t be around much longer. The two buildings towards the right of the picture will be demolished.


6 of 12 – More blossoms.


7 of 12 – Very excited to receive this diary today for a cool project I’m planning.

8 of 12 – Monday is a day of much walking. I need to be properly equipped.

9 of 12 – On our way to the bus Juniordwarf and I stop off at the hot nut bar (in the “mall” as he calls Centrepoint) to get some nuts.

10 of 12 – We also stop into the ABC Shop so he can check out his favourite characters and DVDs – including Zoe.

11 of 12 – His latest obsession is the TV show Eggheads, which he now acts out with his teddies. Billy at the front is the quizmaster. Juniordwarf is always on the challengers team. Unlike the real show, the challengers always beat the Eggheads.

12 of 12 – I totally want this for my desk at work! 



  1. I enjoyed that! And it reminds me that I used to embed the photos in the post like this. I think I'll start doing that again - Flickr's changes has made slideshows difficult (I have to reuse and alter code - and still can't make some settings default.)

    Even just a normal day will seem special when your life has moved on to different things. :-)

  2. Great idea - and lovely photos.

    1. Hi Monica. Yes it's a fantastic idea. Every time I see Snuva's posts I keep thinking I must do it next month & this time I finally remembered.

  3. Good photos. I don't think I could do 12 photos every day, most of the time lately I forget to put the camera in my bag.
    I like the desk patrol Dalek, is that in one of those shops that has everything TV show related? There's a name for them but I can't remember it. MovieMania?

    1. Oh no! Only 12 photos on 1 day a month. It's a lot easier than the 1 photo a day for 365 days :-)
      The Dalek was in the ABC Shop. I got bored looking at kids' stuff so I went to look at the Dr Who stuff. I just want to run the Dalek around my desk & exterminate people who piss me off at work!


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