Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Selections - Russell Falls

A post for Frogpondsrock's Sunday Selections, where you get to post some of your unseen photos and look at everyone else's pictures.

Earlier this week, Slabs, Juniordwarf and I went to Russell Falls, which is located in the Mt Field National Park.

I'll admit that, although I'm a Tassie girl, I've never been there until now, so it's been a long time coming.

It is a beautiful place, and I can't believe it's taken me so long to finally get there. I'm glad we went, and it definitely won't be our last visit.

Juniordwarf and a really big tree

Juniordwarf and a really big tree



Creek (from Instagram)

The original of the creek shot

Another creek shot

Slabs & Juniordwarf mucking about in the creek

Juniordwarf took this picture of Slabs & me

Mossy tree trunks

Another mossy tree trunk

Russell Falls (Instagram)

Russell Falls


  1. Lovely photos. I haven't been there for ages. The last time was in 2007 I took my 13 year old South Australian nephew there and he was amazed, He said it was just like Jurassic park :)I must go back again.

  2. They are amazing, the environment looks primal, I'd be expecting to see dinosaurs pop out.

  3. What an amazing place. I am in love. Thank you (and juniordwarf) for sharing these with us.

  4. What a beautiful place! I love the ferns and mossy trunks. That's a nice photo of you and Slabs too, well done Juniordwarf.

  5. Junior Dwarf is a budding photographer. Nice shot. What a gorgeous place. Somehow reminded me of Indiana Jones. Perhaps it's the hat ;-)

  6. Oh, it looks so lovely, thanks for sharing :) I would love to visit there, but i can already hear mis 5 whingeing about having to walk :( Hoping she will grow out of it eventually!

  7. That looks like a magical place - no wonder you want to go back! I love the tree ferns.

  8. @frogpondsrock - I can't believe I'd never been there before. Especially after having lived just down the road for 6 years. Another thing to blame on being a busy working mummy ;)

    @Marita - yes it does have that ancient feeling about it. The colours are amazing too.

    @the Elephants Child - it's stunning. So glad we went.

    @River & @Carolina - yes he did well. The first two he cut off our heads but this one was pretty good!

    @amanda - JD is five too & he did pretty well with the walk. It's a 20 minute round trip but we just wandered and stopped to look at stuff so it took longer. I don't know if I'd want to take him much further though!

    @Jay - some of those ferns were just huge! Amazing!

  9. I love the forests in Tassie. Such large trees... and the mosses! We went to a few on our honeymoon 15 years ago.

  10. Wow, that creek looks totally unreal. I want to go there!


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