Project Life Album

This is where I will post pictures from my Project Life album from 2011, once I've finished them off.

In some cases I may have to blur faces and names because I don't like to put people out there unless they have a say about whether their picture and name should be published or not. In any case, the individuals in the layouts aren't the point, it's the layout as a whole I'm trying to show here.

So without further ado, here's the title page.

It's a work in progress. What I've done to start with is cut up one of the sheets of 12x12 patterned paper that came with the kit and slotted it into the page protector. I've then replaced a couple of the bits with title cards from the kits. I hope to slot a couple of photos in as well, during the year, so that it ends up a bit like last year's title page.

So on the other side of the title page, what else was I going to include, but the arrival of the box the kit came in. Becky Higgins invites all Project Life users to send her a picture of them once they have received their kit and some get published on her blog (for example, see here and here)

Here's my version.

And now we move on to the first month. That would be January.

This needs some scene setting. First, I'm doing the Photo a Day project, but I'm not using Project Life to showcase that. Instead, my picture of the day is showcased on my blog. What I'm also doing is making a one page layout for the Project Life album with all the pictures.

So most of those pictures won't make it into the Project Life album as stand alone pictures, so what the monthly title page will do is display some of those random Pictures of the Day (or another picture from the same event, or in some cases, something I just couldn't fit anywhere else but wanted to include).

I'm using 12x12 We R Memory Keepers page protectors for these layouts. I liked this style, as it had the 2x12 strip down the side for the month. I used a 2x12 strip of patterned paper from the kit for each title. This is the first side:

And this is the second side: (I have no idea what to do with the back of the title strip. It's blank at the moment.)

And this is the picture of the day layout. (I haven't actually printed it yet, this is just on normal paper to see what it will look like.) I'm going to put the captions for each photo on the reverse side of this page, but I'm not sure how I want to set it out so it'a blank for now.

So now to the actual layouts. Here's page 1:

This is a double spread, titled 'Random January'

The left hand page of this layout is stuff Slabs got up to in January. The right hand page is the beginning of several pages about Juniordwarf.

More random Juniordwarf pages

This spread is titled 'Two Big Days Out'

The last three pages are the story of our garage sale, Juniordwarf's night with my mum, and the Farm Bar Tweetup

And that's it for January.