Sunday, March 24, 2013

project life - february

This year I intend to link up with Nightwolf's Den for my Project Life posts.  I'm aware is it's now three weeks into March and I haven't posted any of my February layouts yet.

Time to fix that. Here are some of the February pages and a couple of pages from January to give you an idea of how I'm approaching Project Life this year.

Firstly, I'm not using any of the core kits, so I'm using my own supplies. This involves a lot of Kraft cardstock, craft tapes (like Washi, Cavallini & Co and Tim Holtz), papers from my stash and digital supplies. 

I'm making my own journalling cards and backgrounds for the photos and also journalling directly onto the photos. I'm doing it mostly digitially (mostly onto 6x4 canvasses), then printing the whatever I have ready to print once a week at my local photo processor.

So here are some of the results.

Double layout plus A4 journal insert from our camping trip and the Zoe saga

Close up of folded journal card on page 2 of the above layout

Journalling inside the folded card

February first page

February page - including wine label on Kraft 6x4 card

One of Juniordwarf's February pages

I'm also putting in quotes & thoughts I notice during the month

6x6 hybrid in a Design E page protector (from the Bushy Park show post)
That's how things are going at the moment. I've tried to stick with one basic colour for most of the layouts each month - February was a sort of pinky-red - to make the pages match up a little bit, but I'm not sticking rigidly to that if I see something that matches the photos or the theme for a particular layout.

I haven't done any photos or layouts for March yet. I hardly had any photos for the month and then all of a sudden everything started happening and I've been overwhelmed with photos. So there's a lot of sorting and editing to be done before my next post.


  1. I hope you are feeling virtuous with all this progress. :)

  2. The pages look great, but I'm wondering how much space this is taking up. Do you have a separate album for each month? Or a few pages per album and just one album per year? Either way they're going to be wonderful for Junior dwarf to look through when he is grown.

    1. River, this is my fear - how much space these albums will take up over time. Apart from the project life albums (which are approximately one 3 ring album a year) the only photos I have in albums are the ones I've scrpabooked. The rest are in photo boxes. But imagine one 3 ring album for each year forever - how much space will that take up. And who would want that many albums after I'm no longer around to enjoy them?!


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