Tuesday, February 1, 2011

P365- Day 32 watering can

I used to have one of those plastic watering cans. An el cheapo one that probably replaced another el cheapo one.

This one ceased to be useful when the 'shower head' part of the watering can (I just googled it - it's called a 'rose') shattered when I was trying to water some ferns and it got dislodged in the top of the fern and my efforts to remove it resulted in its ultimate destruction.

Too long outside in the sun instead of being stored neatly in the shed . . .

Well you can't water delicate little seedlings with out a watering can rose, so I needed a new one. Seeing a you-beaut metal watering can in our friends' garden got me thinking that a metal one might be a better option than a plastic one.

So today in the pouring rain - because when else would you need a watering can - juniordwarf and I headed to the hardware store and picked up this stunning pink number.

I have yet to try it out (you really don't need to water in the rain!), but I do like it.


  1. I have a miniature one just like that in sky blue. Useless as a watering can since it only holds about half a litre, so it's more ornamental.

  2. I love the ornamenal ones, they are so cute :) We have one too, it's juniordwarf's & he loves to water the plants with it


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