Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday selections - Chauncy Vale

Today juniordwarf and I went to the Chauncy Vale Open Day.

I had never heard of Chauncy Vale until yesterday, but Kim over at Frogpondsrock mentioned that she'd be there making dragons eggs with the kids at the Open Day. That sounded like something juniordwarf would be interested in, so off we went.

I'm really glad we went. It's such a peaceful, quiet spot just east of Bagdad, with heaps of places to explore. The main focus of our day was making the dragons eggs with Kim, and spotting the eggs she'd scattered around the walking track.

We went for a short walk in the bush and I'm really keen to go back and walk a bit further (and take more photos).

One of my photography interests is fence posts, and I was quite delighted with the one I saw this afternoon (there will be more posts - ha ha - on fence posts to come, I promise!).

Tranquil river scene

One of Kim's fantastic creations

Close up of Kim's dragon egg

I'm in fence post heaven!!

Same fence post, different angle

Kim helping Juniordwarf make his dragon egg

Juniordwarf and a very large tree

Juniordwarf heading off on our walk


  1. Tassie is the only state in Australia that I haven't yet had the opportunity to venture into. Must do something about that!

  2. Isn't Chauncy just lovely? It was good to see you again today :-)

  3. I love that fantastic creation of Kim. Can't estimate how big it is, but it looks huge. And I like the 'name' Juniordwarf ;-)

  4. Looks beautiful, a place all children would enjoy

  5. heheh I am pleased you had a good time. Junior Dwarf's egg (and yours) made it safely here to my studio and it is now on the shelf drying out. I have spent a lot of time at Chauncy vale over the years.The local scholl used to do a lot of mini excursions there I remember eating bushranger food with David when he was in Kindy and looking for different animal poo with Veronica when she was in kindy as well.

  6. That does look like a great thing to do with a Juniordwarf!

    I have an interest in fence posts and old gates too! Perhaps some of them will feature in future Sunday Selections, because I seldom get to post them.


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