Wednesday, June 8, 2011

P365 - Day 159 it's seven minutes

In the mornings Juniordwarf usually gets into our bed and lies around with us for a bit, reads a story, goes to the butty . . .

Then when he’s had enough of that he looks at the clock radio and announces how many minutes it will be until he gets up.

Once he’s decided on that, he watches the clock until it’s time and every minute he announces how many minutes are left. The number of minutes varies every day, but for that period, he does nothing except watch the clock and make his minute announcements.

Today he got into bed and didn’t do any of the things he usually does. He just looked at the clock and said ‘it’s seven minutes’.

At 7.00 he said ‘six minutes now’ and so it went on until 7.06, at which point he got out of bed and went to get dressed.

(Today he read a book at the same time as he was watching the clock, which is unusual. He usually just watches the clock.)

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  1. He's progressed to knowing how long a minute is without having to watch the clock constantly. Next he'll probably be able to tell you how many pages he can read in 5 minutes.
    I do a similar thing.
    Without being exact about it, I know how long it takes me to do stuff and can often tell what time it is without looking at my watch, just by recalling the things I've done. It's less accurate as I get older.


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