Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Check-in #1

Remember my post a couple of weeks ago in which I made a commitment to myself to wash up and clear off my kitchen bench every night?

Well, it's not much good making that sort of commitment unless I have a way to keep myself honest, so I made myself a version of a star chart to keep track of whether I've actually been doing what I said I would.

And to keep myself more honest, because I made a public commitment to doing this, I've decided to have a weekly check-in post every Sunday night so I can celebrate my success (or admit my not-quite-success).

So, where am I up to?

Week 1: 5/5 possible stars. A good start.
Week 2: 4/7 possible stars. I didn't quite get there.

Next week's commitments
1. The kitchen task remains.
2. I will be in bed by 11.00 every night.

The reason for making this commitment is that I simply am not getting enough sleep. I'm run down and sick all the time and I need to rest. So I'll see if this makes a difference.

I'll be back next Sunday night to report on my progress.

1 comment:

  1. Seriously?
    A star chart to keep the dishes washed up and the bench cleared?
    Things have changed since I was a kid then.
    My old mum would be horrified that such a thing is even thought of.
    Our routine went:-clear the table of foods and dishes. Wash, dry and put away the dishes, included in the washing part was wiping down the table, stove top and fridge. Sweep floor. Everybody helping.
    I continued this routine when I got my own home and still do it now.


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