Monday, December 5, 2011

P365 - Day 339 - i wear my mittens at night

Juniordwarf has two pairs of fingerless gloves. Red ones and blue ones.

He calls them ‘mitttens’.

Recently he’s started wearing his ‘mittens’ to bed, ‘to keep [his] hands warm’. Sometimes he wears socks too, to keep his feet warm.

Of course.

The funny thing about this is, he’s often wearing his short summer PJs at the same time. Even when the nights are very chilly, as they have been lately (summer, where?).  Perhaps he’s inherited his mother’s cold hands and feet. 


  1. That's cute! I can't blame him for bundling up with the mittens and socks, it's getting colder! That's funny that he doesn't wear his warmer pj's too.

  2. He's so cute! Maybe he just likes to wear them... my son has been going to bed in his Santa's hat lately and it's not that cold!

  3. ha ha! or his dad's inner rock god ;)

  4. @theshynessproject - it's been really cold here lately. Summer is very slow off the mark this year. He doesn't seem to feel the cold at all. Runs around in t-shirts i the middle of winter!! Brrr!!

    @Tat - I reckon that's right, he just loves them :)

    @Hannah - his dad is a very bad influence on him ;D


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