Sunday, February 17, 2013

bushy park show

This weekend we went to the Bushy Park Show. It’s one of the smaller shows on the Tasmanian Agricultural Show Council’s show calendar each year, and also one of the oldest, having started out as a garden show in 1865.

Bushy Park, if you aren’t familiar, is a major hop growing region in Tasmania. It’s the last hop growing area remaining in the Derwent Valley.

The showground is bordered by hop fields and the beautiful Styx River.

We go to the show most years, but this year Juniordwarf wasn’t so keen. “Do we have to go?” he asked. 

When we told him there would be this,

This looked like something from Dr Who rather than a clown

and this,

he reluctantly agreed to come with us.

He did some other things as well, like the haunted house

He came out at the end and said "what were the scary bits?"

and the old favourite, the Lions Club Chocolate Wheel.


We saw things like utes,

sheepdog trials

and wood cutting.

We had a good time, although the heat got to us all, so we didn’t stay long. It was a far cry from the same day two years ago when it was cold, raining and miserable. 


  1. I have fond memories of visiting small country shows as a child.

  2. I like small town country shows much better than the same thing in a big city. They seem to be more fun, with less crowded exhibits so there's more space to move around, and the food seems to be nicer. I love watching the sheepdog trials, those border collies are the best. Kelpies are good too, but I prefer the border collies.


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