Saturday, February 2, 2013


It feels like forever since I've completed a scrapbooking layout. 

Last night was our first night back at our scrapping sessions at the local store. I went with the intention of sorting out some Project Life photos and looking at the layouts in my "Work In Progress" album, getting them out, fussing over them a bit and then putting them back.

I forgot the photos didn't I?

After flicking through the unfinished layouts, I realised I had one 2012 photo with me that I was going to create a layout for, so I decided to work on that. What "Work In Progress" allbum? Why finish off stuff in progress when you can start something else and add it to the unfinished pile?

I saw this sketch challenge on the A2Z Scraplets Blog earlier in the day and I knew the photo would work well with the sketch.

Here's the layout:

I can't say I'd normally do a layout about beer, but in this case, it was a photo I wanted to include in last year's Project Life album but couldn't make room for in the divide page protectors. I already had one layout to include in that month, so I needed another one for the other side of the page to even things up.

So it all worked out rather well.

In case you're wondering, the paper, which you can't see very well, is actually beer paper. Yes, they make beer-themed scrapbooking paper. I thought I'd taken a photo of it before i started to cut it up, but somehow it disappeared from my phone. Anyway it's by Paper House, who also make the stickers that feature up the top (the hops).

The chipboard letters are by Fancy Pants designs. 

Soured Ale is by the Two Metre Tall Company, which featured in several of my blog posts in 2011 because we go there rather often.

Bottle cap is by Bottle Cap Inc., and the label inside the bottle cap is taken from a label from one of Two Metre Tall's ales.


  1. It looks fabby Barb well done.

  2. I would never have the patience to do any scrapbooking.

  3. Does this mean that you actually finished the layout in one night rather than producing another WIP? I have a small pile of UFOs and WIPs. :) My current approach is generally to just grab the first thing that comes to hand from my stash (it occupies an entire bedroom plus small colonies in the laundry cupboard and garage) and work on that.

    1. Yes! It never even found its way into the WIP file. This may be a first ;-) The WIP file is where layouts go to die ....

  4. It can be soooo hard to finish a layout sometime, or even find the time to scrap. Thanks so very much for being the 1st to enter the challenge. Love the theme and your take on the sketch :D

    1. Thanks for stopping my Belinda :) I love the sketch. I might even try to use it again for another layout I have in mind :-)

  5. Lovely entry for the challenge ! Good luck !!


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