Monday, January 10, 2011

P365 Day 10 - the pile is still there (10/1/2011)

This is the pile of clothes and other miscellaneous clutter that remains untackled after the weekend.

It's the pile of stuff I was going to deal with on Saturday, but I went to the tweetup instead. It's the same pile that sat there all day Sunday while I wasted time.

Somehow I don’t think I have any right to ask juniordwarf to keep his room tidy (or as tidy as a four year old can) when mine looks like this!


  1. oh barb that looks so familar, can I offer a suggestion? Sometimes it is the only way I get piles gone. You can do either two things a) every time you go past it put two things away or b) just spend 5 minutes a day. I used to have a major clutter fest in my spare room in our old house and I got this book that was about decluttering and they said one reason why we put it off is because it is such a big job and we are so overwhelmed by it. If you break it up into small bits ie 5 minutes a day, it doesn't seem so much or so long and you are more likely to do it and then it will be gone before you know it. Worked a treat for me so thought I would share.

  2. Thanks Julz, that is a great idea. I think that's part of the problem - I see such a big mess & think I can never get it done! But if I don't start, it's never going to get done, whereas if I do, even by moving one thing, then that's one step closer to the pile being gone :)


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