Sunday, April 24, 2011

P365 - Day 114 it's not perfect, but it's mine

(Today's title brought to you by Tim Minchin)

Today I did something I decided on Friday to do. 

There's something I’ve been complaining about ever since my scrapbooking hobby became bigger than the dining table and started to spread across two rooms.

I don’t have a scrapbooking space. 

I can use the coffee table, but it’s very uncomfortable to work at that level. And I have to pack everything up to keep it out of Juniordwarf’s way. I can use the dining table, but ever since Juniordwarf has started eating his meals on there instead of his little kids table, it’s become less than desirable as a venue for papercrafting. And again I can’t leave anything out.

So today, I did some reorganising of the furniture in the study, got Slabs to help me move my desk back into the house from my shed (where I have used it precisely zero times) and started to set up a scrapping area.

Originally I was going to use these bedside cabinets
as 'legs' for a sheet of chipboard . . .

. . . then I remembered I already had a perfectly
good desk (and yes it is the same desk I had
at high school).

I managed to do this without getting rid of a single item of clutter in the spare room, and still enabling some kind of (restricted) access to the room, which I think is testament to my ability to hoard.

It’s still a work in progress. It’s not a huge area, and at the moment it means that my scrapping stuff is actually spread across THREE rooms. That might continue to be the case, because I don’t think there’s going to be enough room for everything to be consolidated. But it does get a lot of stuff out of the lounge room and, more importantly, it’s my own space.

I’m so excited!

Now to work on that clutter . . .


  1. One of my brothers had the same desk when we were kids. That's two blog posts this morning that have made me all nostalgic.

  2. Have you ever come across the Cloth Paper Scissors Studio magazines? I love looking through them for storage ideas. When I started doing embroidery, I quickly found it comprised three main strands: collecting materials to work with, finding ways to store the materials and, of course, stitching. It seems you have the same issues with scrapbooking. I now have a craft room and a sewing room but everything has now stilled over into the family room.

  3. @Rory, my sister & I both had one of those desks (plus the hutch on top, which isn't very practical next to the window). It's funny looking at it now & seeing how the world has changed since then!

    @Monica, no but they often showcase people's scrap rooms in some of the scrap mags I buy. I get insanely jealous and cannot believe how much room some of these people have!

  4. Your OWN space is the BEST space.

    I saw an awesome craft desk in a magazine once.
    A huge slab of wood about 2 and a half metres square, resting on 4 three drawer bedside chests. In the middle was a craft/art caddy. Each chest faced outwards so that the 4 kids in the family each had desk and drawer space for homework or leisure.

  5. Wow! That sounds great! What a fantastic idea. I'd love to have the room to do something that huge. I'm crammed in behind a bookcase that I turned around & the spare sofa bed. But it's better than no space at all, and is certainly big enough for now :)

  6. Oh NICE! I have a computer desk, but would love my own proper space for writing - somewhere away from grabby hands and needs and things.

  7. Yes!!! That's what I'm hoping for.


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