Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday selections - autumn colours (more photos added)

Juniordwarf and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, after the normal early morning fog. Once that cleared, it was a glorious day, perfect for getting out of the house and taking photos.

These photos are edited in my favourite iPhone app at the moment, Camera+. I think I probably need to take a break from it for a while as there are so many other apps on my phone that I haven't used very much and I need to add some more effects to my photo albums.

So these are this week's photos for Frogpondsrock's Sunday Selections project.  If you get a chance, go over to Kim's blog and check out some of the other bloggers who are playing along.

View looking down the River Derwent from the bridge

View across the river from the base of the bridge

Underneath the bridge

Juniordwarf walking along the river bank

Seagulls near the river

Juniordwarf posing for a photo

My take on the 'sun through autumn leaves' idea

Autumn leaves - not many now, but in a couple of weeks
the ground will be covered

I love the red leaves

Here are some more photos on a similar theme from today's adventures

This is from a spot near the river bank a few km out of town

And this is the view of the river from the same spot

A common sight in Tassie in the autumn months, smoke from
the Forestry burn-offs further up the valley


  1. I love the red leaves as well. The Derwnent river uop your way is very beautiful. We occassionally go trout fishing near the boat ramp there :)

  2. Wow, Autumn in Tassie is beautiful. I love the postcard perfect first photo.

  3. Red leaf fan here too :) And I love reflection shots.

    When I see some of the apps available I sometimes want an iphone. Will have to spend some time to see what is available for android. So jealous! :P

  4. wow these are beautiful. The trees around here haven't changed yet.

  5. All very beautiful images - Autumn really is a pretty time of the year and you've captured the essence of it in your photos :)

  6. Getting a lot of red leaves here in Adelaide too. The manchurian pears lining the streets are two toned, red on top, green below. I have one in my front yard.
    Your sun through the autumn leaves is magnificent!

  7. You get the BEST autumn leaves where you are.

  8. Thank you everyone, I'm glad you like my photos :) They really don't do the colours justice though, it all looks spectacular.

    @River, there's this tree at the end of our street that has green-yellow-red leaves, it looks like a traffic light. I tried to take a picture but it didn't really show what I was trying to show, so I didn't post it.

    @amandab, there are so many cool apps. I have to stop getting them and just work out how to use the ones I have! But I keep seeing beautiful images people have edited with a particular app & then I have to have it too LOL

  9. The colours in these photos are so intense!! Beautiful!

  10. So, so beautiful. There is something magical about Autumnal colour. Thank you.

  11. Thank you :) I never know whether to just post the pics as they are taken or tweak them a bit. I really love the effects some of the photo apps can give to photos that are shot in not the best conditions - eg most of these were taken in the middle of the day/early afternoon, when the light is very intense, so they can get quite washed out. I like putting some of the colour back :)

  12. Oops, sorry I accidentally deleted your comment on my Sunday Selections and now I can't get it back :(

  13. Oh :( Never mind! I think I said what great photos they are & what a beautiful place Venice is. There was one near the bottom that was a closeup of a building that I especially liked. I went there many years ago & the gondola ride was a highlight!

  14. Autumn leaves are so stunning :) Thank you for sharing them.


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