Friday, October 28, 2011

P365 - Day 301 - waiting in the car

The view from the car while Juniordwarf and I were waiting for Slabs to finish his errrands.

Also, I wrecked my journal a bit more today. And these were ideas I came up with myself - not instructions from the book.

Backing the car over it

Pigstabbering it


  1. Why are you wrecking a journal?

  2. All explained in this post!

  3. After your post on finding your passion, I looked at my journal - and the notes from the studio journal course I didn't complete - yet again. And I suddenly got what it was all about. I'm feeling quite excited both about the textile arts I'm working on (and I am working on them, rather than just thinking about them) and maintaining my journal. But I'm not going to run over it or take it into the shower with me - just glue in pieces of fabric and thread and photos, write and scribble.


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