Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sorting photos

After an epic photo editing weekend, I had over 150 photos to print on Monday morning for my August and September Project Life layouts. (I might add here that September was a huge photo month, with Juniordwarf's birthday, his party and our holiday to the East Coast, so there were a lot of photos to go through. I think I did well to cut them back as much as I did!)

I'm really not good at culling photos or picking one or two to capture an event. So where other people might be doing weekly layouts and choosing the best photo (or two) to put in their album, I end up with an entire page.

Case in point:

I love these Design C page protectors because I can just slot in six 6x4 pictures (or in this case, five and a title card), no cutting or resizing required. Not even any journalling, although I could have replaced one of the pictures with a 6x4 journal card. What I might do is tack a card to the back of one of the pictures, do the journalling and put a tab on the top so that it can easily be pulled out.

(I hear some of my scrapbooking friends laughing hysterically as I mention journalling.)

I also find it very difficult to reduce the number of photos I take (thereby increasing the sorting task) because, even though I already have heaps of photos of a particular thing (Juniordwarf asleep comes to mind), there is always a slightly different angle, a new expression, something that catches my eye that I just have to have a photo of . . . and so I do.

I'm trying to cut back, but I've always been a prolific taker of photos, and once I got a digital camera, there really were no limits. The challenge for me is to try and take fewer photos, but better photos, and to let go of the ones that don't contribute to the story.

I suspect this will take a while to achieve.


  1. I spent much of my weekend doing the same! Although I don't take anywhere near as many pictures as you seem to, I do my Project Life pages by month rather than week, so have less slots to fill. I've found that Picasa is very useful when dealing with several photos from one event - you can easily create a collage and save it at the correct size before uploading to your favourite printing website. I use all the different sizes of photo pocket pages, so I often need 3x4 size pics and of course my preferred photo printer only prints 6x4. So I use Picasa to put two pictures onto one canvas and create one 6x4 photo which I cut in half once it arrives! It will add more time onto your photo editing session, but it might help you get more events covered in your PL album!
    Really enjoyed reading your blog - I'll be back to see how you get on in 2013!
    Nina in Nottingham, UK

    1. Thanks for your comment Nina. Yes, you're right, I do take a lot of photos, it's not an illusion :) I haven't used Picasa but I do a similar thing in Photoshop Elements as you're suggesting. I find it works really well to do that. I also use an app on my iphone called PicFrame where you can select from heaps of different collages on a 6x4 canvas and put in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 photos in different sizes & configurations. Thanks for the idea, I might post a few of them on here next time!

  2. Congratulations on sorting so many photos. That reminds me - I must finish sorting out family photos. I did a big blitz before I went to Tassie last August but haven't got back to it since.

    1. Oooh sounds like you have as much work to do as I have :) Good luck!


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