Saturday, August 27, 2011

P365 - Day 239 - fishing days

On Monday, Slabs took Juniordwarf fishing after daycare, and Juniordwarf caught his first fish! He was very excited to show me when I got home (although he didn’t want to touch it because his hands would get dirty).

We decided we’d go on a family outing to the same spot (on the Styx River, where we went earlier in the year) on the weekend, if the weather held up.

It did, so off we went.

Last time I was at that spot, it was all underwater. Today there was still some residual water lying around on the ground. The first thing I spotted as we drove in was a temporary 'pond' with some beautiful reflections of trees in it, and I knew that in the right light, I could get some nice photos.

While Juniordwarf and Slabs fished, I wandered around with my camera trying to get some decent shots of those beautiful reflections, of the river and of some rather cool looking funghi that I saw on a tree.

The boys fishing

Styx River

Tree funghi

Reflections in a 'pond'

I also played chase with Juniordwarf, helped him climb a tree and went for a walk with him. We all played hide and seek, which was fun, but didn’t last long due to there not being any actual hiding places that might be safe for a four year old.

On his little camp chair reading.
Not real glasses!
Don't ask about the head band.

Note the seat belt is almost on

Look Mum, I'm in a tree!
The only fish that anyone landed was too small and was put back into the river, so Juniordwarf didn’t get his wish to have fish for dinner fulfilled.

But it didn’t matter. We had a nice afternoon by the river, which is the most important thing.


  1. I had a wonderful time too! We should do it again!

  2. Looks like a great afternoon! I love your photos especially the fungi and juniordwarf in a tree.
    I haven't spent time by a river in years. Not since the first time I kissed my husband that I've just recently divorced. So about ten years.

  3. Can we have a copy of the 'Mark in the tree' Photo? Pleeeaaaasssseee.....


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