Monday, July 4, 2011

P365 - Day 185 - winter trees

It's winter. The trees have lost their leaves.

I feel I should write some evocative words about winter and bare trees and overcast days, but after another day of trawling through files for answers I don't think I'm going to find, the words aren't there.

Maybe I need to take more time to go to the park, to sit and look at the trees, notice the colours, and forget about the grey building I spend a lot of my life in.

No pressure, just sit and be for a few moments. If some words come, then great.

If not, it won't matter. One day, when I'm least expecting it, they will.


  1. Bare, winter trees don't really need any extra comment. I love their stark beauty.

  2. I love the bare branches of winter.


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