Saturday, July 9, 2011

P365 - Day 189 - there's no place like home (8/7/2011)

Yesterday I was on my way to an appointment and was a bit early so I popped into a store to browse, and ended up coming out with a pair of purple shoes.

As you do.

I’m not really a shoe girl. My shoe wardrobe consists of many casual jogger type shoes, a couple of pairs of years-old work shoes, a couple of pairs of years-old dressy shoes, some boots and my ugg boots.

I want some pink shoes but haven’t seen any that I really like, so the search for those continues. In the mean time I have my shiny new purple ones to add a slight hint of colour to my shoe selection.

But as I was editing the photo tonight, I was thinking how fantastic it would be to have Dorothy’s ruby slippers. 


  1. I really like them! I want a pair of red shoes, personally.

  2. They're so pretty!!
    Most pink shoes I've seen are little girl sizes. Would you cut off your toes for them like Cinderella?

  3. I meant Cinderella's sister.

  4. They're beautiful shoes. Hope you're successful in finding pink shoes and ruby slippers.


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