Sunday, July 17, 2011

P365 - Day 197 - date night (16/07/2011)

Today was a very busy one.

Juniordwarf had his swimming lesson in the morning, and we went to see our friends at their lovely coffee shop for morning tea.

Two Metre Tall held a mid-winter Farm Bar, so we went up there for lunch and some ale and cider, and met up with some friends.

Typical Derwent Valley winter's day heading up the
Lyell  Highway to the Farm Bar - foggy and cold.

What a welcome sight

The fog eventually lifted, but still hung around the hills

Forester Ale  . . . mmm . . .

Then for dinner we went into town, as Slabs and I had decided we wanted to have a night out together, just the two of us. My Mum had kindly agreed to babysit Juniordwarf for us, and we had a lovely dinner at an Indian restaurant with some divine Tasmanian wine (for me at least, some Riesling and Chardonnay from Derwent Estate).

It was nice just to have a relaxing night out together without having to worry about anything. It’s something we don’t do very often, and that I’d like to do more.

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